Front Line Sales Advisors


FRONTLINE Sales Advisors works with you and your team to develop sales strategies, a new prospect pipeline, help to increase opportunities and ultimately enable your company to close more business. Our role is to work alongside you helping to identify, qualify and market to those new potential customers. Some of the areas we can assist any size business would include:

  • better follow up both before and after events & webinars
  • having an upselling strategy for your existing customers
  • an extra set of hands to help uncover new selling opportunities

For many businesses just having the time and resources to dedicate to selling can be extremely difficult? It can be hard to focus the effort necessary that is typically required to find and close new business. FRONTLINE Sales Advisors can work with you as freelance sales reps, help with cross-selling and upselling or just to follow up many of your old leads and previous prospects.


Some of our focus will be on strategy development – is it the right strategy, has it worked in the past and will it be effective going forward?  Is there a pre-sales process and how are opportunities being managed? Has the business done any type of sales assessment to evaluate both the inside and outside sales efforts?

 Campaign management is another critical area – are we using compelling emails and are our phone and voicemail scripts getting the results we need? Do our talking points resonate with potential clients and are we doing the research to make sure we are targeted the right people?

Lead generation is probably one of the more difficult areas for any organization. Even with a dedicated sales team, finding new business opportunities can be incredibly challenging. For smaller businesses, with key employees being pulled in many different directions, putting in enough time searching for new prospects and having an outbound prospecting strategy can be almost impossible. Many businesspeople hate picking up the phone and cold calling and can find setting appointments to be difficult. Investing the time required to understand how to best approach a prospect, plus keeping track of contacts and calls an be overwhelming.


With our experience, FRONTLINE Sales Advisors is well-positioned to assess your current business development and marketing strategies, identify selling challenges and help find solutions. Whether it’s building out a new sales campaign, helping to generate new leads, learning how to better use social media tools like LinkedIn, or discovering new ways to approach a prospect, our goal is to be on the frontlines of your business, working with you to find opportunities and ultimately contribute to the company’s long-term success.